Social Media In Disaster Response



Reading the book Socail Media in Disaster Response ( by the author Liza Potts was very enlightening, but somewhat dry. I found the book to be somewhat repetitive, and uneasy to connect to. Even though there were some downfalls, she brought a good amount of important issues facing our global world today.

Liza discusses how new and upcoming web tools enable and disable practitioners and architects to address communication and information design across all cultures. Her initiative is to explain how not only one website works but multiple and how people use these to communicate during disasters.

Pottz says, “In times of disaster and crisis, people tend to gravitate toward the systems and networks that are most relevant and familiar to them.”  

One example I found interesting is at the time of Hurricane Katrina. Although the hurricane slowed down government responses, this study shows how  media  organization along with relief organization online communities attempted to organize a missing persons list. What happens is activity erupts and dies down depending on how well participants can interact on the web space. Experience architects can use this information flow to locate missing people. These digital spaces prove far more successful at helping to reestablish communications for victims, friends, and their relatives.

Another topic Liza stresses is participation. Working to discover how participants locate relevant data is useful to understand how we can build social web systems that support find-ability and help knowledge work flow throughout an ecosystem. With this we can solve some the key problems such as closed systems that do not encourage participation. In order to this we need to reconnect Content and Context.

“For data to flow through ecosystems the technologies must be open and flexible enough for movement across these systems.”

Liza Potts discusses many other useful categories throughout the book. These are just some that I found the most interesting. It is useful to know how information flows during a social disaster not only does it benefit the government but it benefits the victims themselves, due to the fact that many times they are saved or reunited with their loved ones.

Social Media in Disaster Response is not one of my favorite books in the entire world, but it sure did inform about a topic I was never even aware about. Potts is an intelligent writer who really nailed this on the head!


Annotated Bibliography



Annotated Version

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Local Food Website Outline

Local Food Website Outline

Eat Local Stay Healthy

 Plan For The Next 3 Weeks:

In the next three weeks my fellow teammates and I hope to have a space established. In this space we will provide our audiance with the information they need to find freshly picked foods close to their Chicago home.

In order to get this going and make our selves present in our Community we will create flyers to be hung around the city and handed out on campus!

We as well will create a mini video explaining the reasons why it is important to choose fresh organic food over processed food. Bringing awareness to our cause is one of greatest strategies.

Further on In the next three weeks we want to elaborate on our bibliography including sources like books, individuals, local farmers etc.

We will as well have a Logo for our Website that will help us stand out in our community.

Quick Bibliography

Fresh Food VS Processed Food:

Connection to Local Farmers:

Inspiration for Website:

Cultivating the Web to Find Fresh Picks:

Ideas for Delivery, Pricing, Strategy



Content Strategy for LocalFood

Our strategy will be a  combination of Editorial Strategy and Web Writing.  We want to be informative, help our audience and still keep a friendly interactive webspace going. We are trying to really reach a wide range of audience.  We want to help those are interested in changing to a healthier way of eating, interested in supporting local farmers, and finding books and other information about organic food.
While we want to be and appear knowledgable we do not want to be authoritative or seem like we are coming down too hard on our audience.  I would like to think that when people come to our website they would feel comfortable and at ease, almost like going to talk to a good friend.
Our Target group will consist of a wide variety of ages. These people will have one thing in common and that is the thirst for fresh foods! Hopefully they are tech savvy enough to be able to reach out into the cyber world and find us. We as promoters of our webspace will reach out to them by creating flyers, and perhaps one day commercials!
This website below features some of the key concepts we will include in ours
Tone, Voice, Strategy
Our tone will be light hearted and easy to access and comprehend. The voice we want to use is one of encouragement and power. We want to motivate our audience to get out there and seek these places that contain the freshest products for them. The strategy will be mostly behind our webspace. In it we will include a quick video explaining the importance of picking locally grown food.
We will include photos and art to create a fun and easy going atmosphere.
Our strategy is to let our audience know our:
-What WE do
-Our Health Partners
-Our Community Partner
-Who WE are
-Why we started our LocalFood website

Setting Norms

Local Food Group Norms


We will be staying in touch mostly via Twitter and our facebook page. We are going to meet before or after class, which ever works for the majority of our teammates.


Our ideas are to be communicated by Tuesday night the latest. If there is an issue with this timeframe it is expected to be communicated and we will work best to get it complete by Wednesday so we are prepared for Thursdays class.


Listening and being patient is our main priority. The workload will be dispersed equally, letting each team member do what they are best at!


We will work together to achieve an equal work load. It is important to know what one another has going on in our lives aside from this. Taking this into account we will come to a mutual agreement in what each team member will be responsible to deliver.


The team leader, Vanja Lajic, will be sending out push notifications to encourage the team members to stay on top of their game. She will also be all ears if there are any issues and do her best to help her teammates out when in need! If a student is really slacking and not doing anything to get their part complete a face to face confrontation will be taking place.


Ideas will be discussed in class and our major decisions will take place on face to face time so that all out team members are on track with what is going on!


Eat Local Stay Fresh


Eating Locally



We are supporting local farms, and trying to eat fresh produce at an affordable price. Finding these places can be tough at times due to the different seasons we experience.


-The lack of knowledge the community has about where they can access fresh, organic, and locally grown foods.

-Letting our consumer know the difference between Store bought and Locally grown & Organic Grocery Store vs Organic Locally grown

-Explaining the Value behind these Goods


It is important to have some sort of website for Chicago produce, so that it is easy to locate and know when the market is taking place. This will establish a much easier way to know when, where, and what. Many Chicago-ans and Suburbanites want to stay healthy at an affordable price but don’t know where to go when it comes to fresh foods.

Having a digital space like a website will make it very easy for people to access information quickly. It will increase the amount of consumers because they will be aware. We will also have a sharing Button in which these consumers can share with their healthy friends! Or maybe not so healthy ones 😉

Network Response:

The website will have a core that will be run by us. However there will be an open ended space in which consumers and enthusiasts can put up reviews, “Like” certain markets, and create open forms where they can let others know about certain food events.

The web will feature photos, and prices of the foods available.

We will include certain big retailers like Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

It will be updated weekly so that our consumers can stay up to date on the newest and freshest markets.


-Get in touch with local farmers

-We can get information from big retailers

-Online Databases


-We need to find what sources these foods come from, and the different varieties depending on the season. We need to find the prices, and perhaps a photographer to take photos for us.

Team Members

Vanja: Organizational Skills, Marketing, and People Skills

JT: Photographs. Programming, Web Intuitive

Karen: Photoshop, Illustrator, Writing

Erin: Concept Creator, Website Illustrator

Everyone will try to check in by Tuesday, if they cant it will be communicated and hopefully done by Wednesday before class.

Time Completion:

By next week:

With the three members that we have present, we will try to get as much information about our topic by next Thursday. We will come up with a concept design for the web space. We will establish a photographer for our market.

(Not too sure what we will be doing so far in the future, we decided to take it one week at a time.)

We will E-mail one another when we find info to keep one another up-dated!

Twitter Twitter Twitter

Digital Assets:






Fresh Foods Fresher Lives

Draft mock Up:

FB Page

In our final project we want to establish a neat, each going web space in which our consumers and enthusiast can access any time they wish to do so. They will be able to log on and look at all the fresh produce we have to offer for that week. The web space will always be coordinated a week in advance so that our consumers are updated on the newest and freshest goods in our city. It will also range from lowest to highest prices so that it is easy for them to identify what market they want to visit.

There will be a tab on top of the page, which will be super easy to use and will guide our consumer to the right direction.

We hope to establish grand spaces in which people feel they are welcome are happy and healthy.



Coding Makes the World Go Round


My first paragraph.


As programming becomes more important, it will become a key skill and attribute of our top intellectual and social classes, just as reading and writing did in the past.” Programming and coding seem to be the epidemic of our future based on the article, “Understanding Computer Programming as a Literacy” by Annette Vee. She establishes strong parallels between literacy and programming. Literacy was just as new as programming was at one point. However it did pick up and now in an ideological kind of way has become a social norm. With the speed that technology has been developing with, programming and coding is just another exercise that’s about to burst off its hinges. Being able to program means that we are able to understand the social, technical, and cultural dynamic of this technology we encounter on daily basis

Before reading this article I never knew there were so many different types of literacies, nor did I connect them to writing. I imagined Video literacy, visual literacy, and design literacy to be within its own branch. However, finding out that computer programming is a human facility with a symbolic technology code that allows people to represent and interpret ideas at a distance, makes me think about my future. Being a fashion design major with a minor in business I will want to advertise myself in any way possible. Most of my self assertion into the world of fashion will take place online. Coding can be a skill I can use to develop skills others don’t have and get farther in the game. Programming, Coding, and beImageing able to use Excel may provide a more stable future with a solid income. Being in the arts we have to use any way possible to get our visions out there, and by being enabled in this technology I can spread my work in a multiple of visual, rhetorical, and innovative ways

Layered over and under the technology of writing, computer code now structures much of our contemporary communications, including word processing, email, the World Wide Web, social networking, digital video production, and mobile phone technology” (Vee).

Further on watching the clip “What They Don’t Teach Us In School”,really evokes my inner programming desire. Not only does the firm have a sweet snack section, but they have a recording studio, laundry service and gaming section. I never realized that this was a field that lacks employees. It makes me wonder is it because its a new and emerging field or is it because its boring and reduntant. Although I can appreciate coding and for all the ways it can be employed, I dont know if its a field i could ever take seriously enough to dedicate a career to.

Being in fashion I could use coding to create a innovative website to portray my designs, photos, and fashion onto. With no question in my mind I know that learning to code would benefit my future. In a sense I find it inspiring and depressing at the same time.
Sometimes I get tired of all these new innovations and perks to “help” you enjoy life. Im tired of our society relying on technology for communication and Im tired of having my phone on me. Im tired of screens, and most of all Im tired of forgetting my charger because I feel “naked” without my phone.
But on the other hand this is a part of my past, presence, and future that will keep developing
whether I like it or not.
I guess its time to learn Code, after all “its the closest thing we have to a super power” and I’m ready to be a wizard of the future


Gonna start here!

The Era of Collaborators


(Photo Tommorowland: Tiesto one of the greatest mash-up artists)

Going into watching “A Remix Manifesto” I knew a lot about copyright. I knew what the public domain was and I knew about the different systems of government you could get in trouble with if you were to infringe. However watching this documentary blew my mind! Being to the amount of shows, and attending the amount of music festivals I never once was concerned about hearing the “Pursuit of Happiness” mash-up by Steve Aoki, or listening to the Ignition remix by Skrillex. I went to these shows to do one thing and that is to enjoy the music by these artists who are famous for taking beats that are already out there and making them into something completely new. I also am one of those who choose not to pay for my music, although I can honestly say I do not illegally download music, I like to be able to log onto youtube and look up a remix, knowing it will still be up tomorrow without Youtube banning it due to illegal submission of “video” onto the website. We are meant to share what we hear and if we cant share for free than I refuse to call this a democracy. 

This documentary proposes a very simple yet controversial question, this question being “Is art off limits to making other art?”

Art is the creation of someone imagination coming to life. This creation should be there for us to use, grow upon, and change in the best way possible. We are an advanced generation and the business model for today is not the same as yesterday. We rely on technology to get us across while in the 50’s artists were making money by “standing in hallways being charismatic”.

Another shocking think I learned from the Manifesto, is that the public domain was once upon a time used for exactly that, the manifestation of ideas. Walt Disney, who is just as much to blame for, as Girl Talk is for taking someones work and making it his own, changed all of that. His creation of Disney movies highly influenced the copyright war we are fighting to this day. Not only did he influence it, but on Mickeys 60th birthday the law completely changed for the works in the public domain. Now artists were not to use anything that’s within the life of the author + 70 years!  Although that’s something I was well aware of I was never aware of the ironic story behind it. 


(When AirPirates tried converting Mickey into a drug revolutionary, Walt Disney slammed them with a giant lawsuit, they eventually lost to.)

I am glad to have a man like Lawrence Lessing in our generation. Due to him and some of his speeches people are realizing that these huge corporations like Motion Pictures and Recording Association of America should not be controlling out technology,media, and culture to the extent that they do. There is a highlight in the film in which a speaker asks, ” Do you ask me if I want to see all these photos?, do you ask me If i want to be exposed to all those billboards everywhere I go?,

….Why then do I have to ask you to take a little bit of it, make something, and critique you for it?”. 

I absolutely love this statement. I could not agree with it more. Isnt it within our human nature to take things apart, see them for what they are, build upon them and reconstruct them in ways unimaginable. We have been doing this for hundreds of years. Not only with music, film, and art but with philosophy, math, nature, and our own bodies. It saddens me that we are so stuck in our ideas that we wont venture out to others to collaborate. The fact that living things can be patented is wrong! Not only is it wrong its completely immoral and unethical. Due to so many scientific ideas, problems, and outcomes being patented our generation is slowing down. We are falling behind when we could be saving lives! Who knew that Brazil out of all the countries is the one who made HIV cures available to all its citizens. When the Drug Industry saw this as an “Act of War”, Brazil saw it as an “Act of Life”. 

What the hell is the matter with this government! This makes me furious. I’m sitting here, thinking I am the one who is living a free life, while I owe my regards to the poorest neighborhoods of Brazil.They’re over there remixing ACDC with Biggie and I’m over here reading about how another artist is getting sued for incorporating a few beats of Metallica in his new debut.

The property of Ideas has become the most life sucking beast of our generation. In this “modern” economy we live in the “idea” has become the wealth of our minds, including our pockets. 

Music should be free.

Ideas should be free.

Art should be free.

Love should be free.

Sharing should be free.

School should be free.

Science should be free.

But most of all, even more important that it being free, these things should be accessible for use to create a greater good; Not only for the ones who profit from it but for the global procreation of art, intelligence, health and happiness. 




Some Pitches Go All The Way While Others Fall Short`

Creating a Pitch was tougher than I had expected. Although I believe I chose a very controversial topic, child beauty pageants, I feel that my classmates and I may not have as much control over this branch in our society. I would however like to bring more awareness via media to this issue that is inhibiting our generation of youth.

Executing the Pitch is really what it comes down to. If you have a clever and persuasive way to intrigue your audience it will lead to success. Some of the students in our class had great ideas but lacked a visual aspect. Being in an arts school it is important to utilize images as a way to spread your point across the entire room. Images play a key role for the viewer letting the information seep in while capturing the viewers undivided attention. 

I especially enjoyed three presentations. These three were the ones I found myself connecting with the most. The first one being Finding A Job in the Arts. I loved this presentation because the power point was interesting, and the words accompanying it were intriguing. I as an art student as well worry for my future, and I know that we could all benefit from having a web space that can bring us that much closer to our career goals! 

Another Pitch I loved was the Unicef Project. Although I would’ve loved to see photos or a video the words Grace used were just as powerful. She utilized numbers and calculated the amount of days we could supply fresh water for the less impoverished. I found this a very clever way of getting the point across. Her low pitch as well intrigued me to listen more closely. I believe this is an important issue we could really help with as a class!

Last but not least I loved Erin’s Presentation on eating locally. I myself am very concerned with being healthy, staying in shape, and eating right. For as long as I can remember I’ve been trying to find the best produce for what my student budget can afford. If we could use the web as a way of finding places to get fresh produce locally, at an affordable price, I would use it to the fullest. I know that there is a growing community in Chicago that is trying to be healthier, me being one of them, and I seriously believe this can bring a lot of positive outcomes for our community overall!

A Time to Rethink Our Nightmares

Reading the Article “Tearing Gas” by Tufekcic, I discovered many things I had never known before.

One of the issues that surprised me somewhat was that there is an alliance and surveillance that “can monitor almost every click, and often does. (In fact, non-clicks are also scrutinized: Facebook tracks status updates that people start and then delete, so as to better understand why they decide not to post.)”

This thought is scary. Although I am well aware that the government will monitor my consumer behavior, I didnt realize how in depth they would really go.

I think back to all the statuses that I would post, and then later on maybe delete, and I think to myself, “Is this really that significant for them to know?”

Government surveillance seems to go a bit far, however even thought the government may have control over us, with media we have control over them.

Another topic that was new to me was brought up in the article. And this was that there were a few instances in which people used social media to overthrow the ruler, government, or law. The author states that “Resistance and surveillance: The design of today’s digital tools makes the two inseparable.” I like this quote because it is very true. Resistance against the government occurred in Turkey not too long ago.

It amazes me that when protesters in Turkey went against the police, due to the bulldozers uprooting the trees in Gezi, the rest of the nation found out via twitter versus any other type of communication. This is due to Turkeys surveillance on Television and newspapers. Protesters grew quickly in amount when the fact that police were using tear gas and water gallons to stop the madness. The crowd was so fed up it only grew versus diminishing. 

Now social media doesn’t always have a good effect on the society, however it is our tool to use in a negative or positive way. Either way I strongly believe it is important to let people be aware of what is happening within their society, at least. 

Another instance in which I strongly agree with the author is when she is talking about the specific ideas coming from books/experiments about surveillance. She says “The Panopticon is a thought experiment: a model prison meant to control a society of prisoners. But we are not prisoners. We are not shackled in cells, with no rights and no say in governance.” 

Overal we as a society need to do better than just be aware of the surveillance, like Tufekcic states, “We need to consider how the power of surveillance is being imagined and used, right now, by governments and corporations.”